How to use an agent to carry out advertising certification?


Sandra Pique


Why must certification be advertised?

Performance appraisal directors and relevant salespeople know that DSP, SSP and AD campaign network servers are used to authenticate their inventory and supply, which has long been part of the advertising industry today. From the point of view of certified classified search, verifying the exact location of advertising on a publishing company's web site, ensuring that it is free of malware, and ensuring that online advertising products are available is more critical than ever before. The participants knew when their partners visited their websites and gave them incorrect information.

How to detect fraud and intentional themed activities?

You can verify the accuracy of the data and information in the game based on the simulation advertising series for large cities, as well as for operators and ASN's real customers. Stream crown agents giving access to real customer IP. You will be treated as a customer, not a partner, and will be able to collect accurate campaign data to truly verify compliance with your campaign and connection.

Why use Roxlabs agents?

Roxlabs has provided 90 million secure, stable and anonymous housing IP addresses in 220 Countries around the world. We have adopted a more affordable housing plan, so that all consumers can apply cost-effective IP service projects, for all your requirements to give a solution.

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