Why not use proxy sites?


James Hunt


As government agencies and Internet giants try to use stringent controls and system loopholes to weaken personal privacy on the Internet, more and more consumers are turning to confidential access as a way to improve their privacy and prevent checking and browsing insecure websites. T can be obtained from its country or workplace.

Free agents are not safe.

According to security researcher Christian Hasek, most completely free proxy IP addresses are insecure or unreliable. Based on the basic analysis, Haschek wrote a computer language that examined 443 completely free proxy IP addresses to see if the agents given were allowing data-encrypted (HTTPS) traffic, and if the agents were trying to alter Internet content or introduce advertising into a client's computer browser conversation.

The data showed that only 21 percent of the participants had no illegal practices. The other 79% of proxy IP addresses were investigated, driving clients to load web pages without data encryption (HTTP). In addition, Haschek found that about 16 percent of proxy IP addresses it dissected changed THE HTML code, and 8 percent of Javascript code introduced advertising and stole cookies. Further analysis of 20, 000 agents matched his initial findings. All of this represents that most of the operators of this kind of dealer cannot be trusted.

Around the world, using HTTPS data encryption communication networks is critical for monitoring scale and stealing sensitive private information. HTTPS tells Web computer browsers to apply an additional layer of data encryption, called SSL/TLS, to maintain overall Web traffic. Haschek warns that such open agents could profile your total traffic and drive you to participate in distributed denial of Service (DDOS) attacks on websites, stealing sensitive information such as your bank credit card or login details.

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