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How to choose the HOUSING IP and data information center IP?

Using the same IP multiple times to crawl a site can block or hide you. To avoid this, it is required to be pushed according to the proxy network, which can replace your source IP with a different IP. You can use data information centers (network of servers with their own IP) or housing Internet (personal IP network).

Advantages of using housing IP to crawl web pages: 

Housing IP is the human version of IP, the url is almost impossible to verify.

Data center IP's usually have the same subnet mask block category, making them very easy to detect, while housing IP's are not.

Data information center IP is only as practical as data information center, and housing IP can be used in almost every major city in the world today.

How to use data information center or housing IP?

Roxlabs not only has 30 million Roxlabs also has IP of data information center. Here's how to get started:

Register with Roxlabs and get $5 free network bandwidth to check your DATA information center IP.

According to the data information center completely free $5 push your first request.

To get a better view of everyone's housing IP, ask for housing approval.

Crawl data information is the overall target url, us e-commerce and other websites.

Try us data center agent: computer room IP exceeds 40,000, fast and stable.

Other information: Roxlabs Agents.

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