What is a data center IP?


James Hunt


Data and information centers play a fundamental role in people's society and digital economy. Everything that happens on the mobile Internet is stored in a data center. In this building, filled with web servers and other data machines, short videos and other files are stored, key mobile-phone software is run, and data is exchanged across different Internet networks, creating a data distribution center. The larger data centers come from the larger cloud and Internet companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. Facebook, for example, announced plans to open a new site in the U.S. in 2022 with 100 jobs. The United States is the manager of data information centers, followed by China. There are more than 500 large and medium-sized data information centers in the world.

Little did they know that with the rise of data centres, Internet fraud and advertising fraud were also booming. Total traffic to data centers is a key reason for the rise in advertising fraud, with Internet marketers paying $23 billion a year.

Taking CHEQ data messages as an example, you can see that nearly 50% of online AD fraud attacks involve the total traffic of intelligent robots in data centres. In this article, you will further understand how intelligent robot operators can use the total traffic of data information center to carry out a variety of fraud themed activities, and use intelligent robot to spend promotion costs.

Intelligent robots migrate from data information centers to housing IP addresses.

In fact, while many traditional attacks are based on data centers using bot/ automation technology specialized tools, the more complex click fraud attacks must increasingly be maintained. In many cases, the attack applies to legitimate natural environments, including housing Internet. In order to be better and more personalized, deliberately intelligent robots increasingly use residential IP addresses rather than data center IP addresses, even though they are more expensive than central IP addresses. Second, when more cost-effective housing or data centre schemes fail, the bad bots' total traffic can also move isPs. Third, the vast majority of advertising campaigns fraudulently attack intelligent robots that also apply smart phones and personal computers, be infected by malicious programs, or corrupt computer browsers, browsers/software and applications.

In most cases, you see smart bot operators driving fees on expensive residential IP addresses or mobile ISP resellers. They also often lie about client representation, alter fingerprint identification and give HTTP hair to research staff. As you all know, smart robots today are little different from the amount of legitimate human traffic that can execute JavaScript. They use real or non-real computer browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox and Internexplorer, which allow them to implement a detailed version of the latest browser and manipulate it according to programming. It can be applied on web servers without a unique pattern or representation, which means it operates without a heads-graphical interface design (GUI). In headless mode, you can navigate from one page to another without manual control.

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