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Because of its maintenance and anonymity, application server proxies are the most convenient and quick way to capture cloud computing platforms online. However, the management method server agent is likely to be more time consuming than the data network itself, so it is critical to know how to do this correctly before moving on to the next Internet capture project.

What is agency?

Before moving into the definition of server proxies, it is critical to understand what IP addresses are and how they work. IP(Internet Protocol for short) details are unique data for all facilities connected to the Internet. An IP address consists of four dotted Arabic numerals, which usually look like this :

IP addresses are necessary for machines or network servers to communicate with each other. For example, if you search for the best SEO mobile software, your IP will send a request to the Baidu search engine server. Then, applying your IP address, Baidu search engine will find the answer and come back.

At the same time, the server agent acts as a successor between your machine and the web site you visit. When you connect to a reseller, your total traffic will be based on its server VIRTUAL machine router. Therefore, your original IP address is masked and replaced with the IP of the server proxy.

ISP is dispatched by your ISP (short for Internet Service Provider), which is a static IP detail address, so every time you go to the Internet, the Web server sees the exact array of data strings. However, depending on the IP connected to the server proxy and hiding your IP, you can crawl or crawl the Internet with personal privacy and scale.

Why choose agents to crawl?

Application server proxies are not the only way to crawl the Internet. But because of its many benefits, it is considered the safest. Let's take a closer look at some of the benefits of server proxies:

Stability. To avoid too many requests from crawlers, the site limits the amount of information you can collect. As a result, your search engine spider is likely to be banned or blocked. With proxy pools, you can circumvent restrictions and push several requests from different IP addresses.

Browse data information centered on physical geography. Web sites (especially online retailers) are a marketing or marketing strategy that presents content in different ways depending on the specific part or equipment of the visitor. Application server proxy, you can get around this qualification and change the part of the IP. You seem to have made requests from different geographies that allow you to get cloud computing platforms from anywhere in the world.

The amount of information increases. Although there is no way to tell if a url has been captured, you can detect abnormal capture subject activity. For example, if your capture tool doesn't irrationally surf the web like people do, or if you visit sites for days on end, it's much easier to check and ban you. At the same time, the server proxy allows you to send one or more urls indefinitely.

Improve safety factor. Finally, the server proxy gives an additional layer of security, reliability and secrecy based on the IP address of the hidden machine device.

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