proxy 401 error repair steps


Sandra Pique


The "401 – unauthorized" error code indicates that you are trying to access an unauthorized website on which you must authenticate. This error is returned by the proxy server when the web server needs authentication and authorization. This article will focus on the error repair steps of proxy 401.

1. Find errors in URL

Make sure you use the correct URL. If the URL is entered incorrectly, 401 errors sometimes occur. Another possibility is that the link you use to access the relevant page points to the wrong URL. For example, it may be outdated or cause the page to no longer exist (and not redirected).

2. Clear browser cache

401 one of the common causes of errors is outdated or incorrect cached data or cookies. Therefore, if you don't notice any problems with the page URL, the next step is to clear the browser's cache.

3. Refresh your DNS

If the first two solutions do not work. Another way to try to resolve 401 errors is to refresh your domain name server (DNS).

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