How to scrape web data using dynamic IP?


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Web page data crawling refers to obtaining special content from the website without requiring the API socket of the website to obtain content. As a part of the website customer experience, web page data information, such as text, image, noise, video and animation on the web page, are regarded as web page data information. However, in the whole process, if many applications repeatedly operate with the same IP, they will be limited. At this time, the assistance of application proxies must be provided to maximize efficiency and practical effect.

1. Get content from dynamic websites. Web pages can be static or dynamic.

Generally speaking, the pages you want to get will change with the time you browse the website. Generally speaking, this website is a dynamic web page, which uses Ajax technology or other technologies to immediately upgrade the web page. AJAX is a script making technology of timed loading and multithreading upgrade. According to the background management and a small amount of data transmission of the server virtual machine, a part of the web page can be upgraded without reloading all the web pages. The main performance is that when clicking on an option in the web page, the web address of most websites remains unchanged; The web page is not fully loaded, but only part of the data is loaded, with certain changes.

2. Crawl hidden content from the web page.

Do you want to get special data information from the website, but if you open the connection or mouse over a point, the content will appear? The website must be moved to the selection item by the computer mouse to display the information for classification. In this way, the function of moving the computer mouse to the connection can be set to crawl the hidden content in the web page.

3. Get content from endless flipped web pages.

After flipping to the bottom of the page, some data information you need to get always appears on some websites. For example, in today's headline home page, you must constantly flip to the bottom of the page to load more articles. Endless flipped websites usually apply Ajax or JavaScript to require additional content. In this case, you can set the Ajax request timeout setting, and select the flipping method and flipping time to get content from the web page.

4. Grab all connections from the web page.

General websites contain at least one hyperlink. If you want to get all the links from a web page, you can use the proxy mobile phone software to get all the web links published on the web page.

It is very easy and interesting for program developers to have the ability to write programs to urge them to build a web data crawling program flow. But for most people who don't have all the programming expertise, it's best to use some Internet crawler tools to get special content from specific web pages.

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