Why does proxy network speed drop?


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Proxy IP has many advantages, one of which can improve the access speed, but many small partners encounter the problem of slow speed after using proxy. Proxy can improve access speed. Because the proxy server can improve the access speed and store the visited website information. When visiting these sites again.

The server directly pulls the data from the buffer to improve the access speed. Using proxies slows down the network for the following reasons:

Why does the network speed decrease after using the proxy?

1. Its own network environment is very poor.

The delay of the server is usually related to the network environment of the proxy IP server, and to the smoothness of the user from the local network to the proxy server. If their own network speed is very poor, the natural network speed using proxies will slow down.

2. The proxy node is remote.

When users visit the target website, multiple network nodes need to be connected to the target server. The more network points, the slower the speed.

Similarly, for example, the speed of American users accessing local websites in Japan is also different, because the more nodes, the faster the browsing speed.

3. Some proxy servers have stability problems.

The market quality of proxy servers is uneven. Assuming that the proxy is very slow for a long time,

The use of the server is unstable. When a large number of users visit the website, it will affect the smooth flow of the network.

4. User PC configuration is low.

PC configuration leads to slow network speed. You can only upgrade the PC configuration to solve the problem.

5. The proxy server bandwidth is small.

The bandwidth of some proxies is small, and the server bandwidth is generally used by people. When a large number of users access, the bandwidth is too small,

The website is easy to get stuck or even cannot be opened, which seriously affects the user experience. The data transmission bandwidth is closely related to the data transmission speed. The larger the network bandwidth, the faster the web page will run.

Roxlabs is used for the highest performing proxies on the market, with unlimited bandwidth and domain, and low response time. The network speed will not be affected by bandwidth problems. 24-hour online monitoring ensures the stable operation of the proxy server.

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