Is it safe to use web proxy to browse web pages?


James Hunt


Nowadays, with the rapid development of information technology, the Internet begins to enter the era of big data. Network security has always been a topic of discussion. As a product of the times, agency came into being. Then the problem arose. Is it really safe to access web pages through a proxy?

Some people say that using a proxy to surf the Internet is certainly safer. Using a proxy to surf the Internet can hide your real IP, so that it will not be maliciously tracked and attacked, so as to improve the security of surfing the Internet.

Some people say that using an proxy to surf the Internet does not necessarily expose your truth, but there are also security risks.

So, will using an proxy really expose the customer's real IP?

The proxy includes transparent proxy, general proxy and high anonymous proxy. The transparent proxy will expose the real IP of the client, while the general proxy will expose the client's use of the proxy without exposing the real IP of the client.

Using a high hiding proxy will protect the real IP from being discovered, and will not let the target website find that it is using the proxy. Roxlabs specializes in providing residential proxy network. All proxies are highly anonymous and can access the network completely as a real user.

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