How to choose the best American proxy?


James Hunt


Although there are many suppliers providing agency services at present, some factors should be considered when selecting an appropriate proxy.

First, look at the IP update frequency. The higher the update frequency, the smaller the probability of IP duplication, and the more proxy IP can be used. The IP of some proxy servers such as roxlabs proxy is updated by tens of thousands of times every day, ranging from 1 minute to 30 minutes. Users can use it freely according to their own needs.

Second, efficiency. Some proxy IP service providers have a large amount of water, known as millions, but the connection efficiency is very low, which is not good. For example, the proxy efficiency of 10000 water per day is more than 90, and the proxy IP efficiency of 500000 water per day is about 10. Which one would you like to choose? Although the latter proxy IP is more effective, it is too inefficient and will waste a lot of time and cost. The unique feature of Roxlabs proxy is that the effective connection rate is as high as 99%.

Third, connection quality. In fact, this is a hard and comprehensive index, which includes efficiency, speed, stability and other factors, such as exclusive proxy IP. Its Internet speed and connection speed are very fast, and it has high concealment and first-hand characteristics, not everyone can use it. It is very efficient, which is definitely the top quality.

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