How can proxies help with data capture?


Sandra Pique


1. Crawling data information with crawler is different.

For example, we can find some products and crawl the data information every day. This data information is stored. As long as the commodity price changes, we can see it clearly, and the price is adjusted well.

2. You can also refer to the other party's commodity information, put new products on the shelves, and refer to the price range at the same time.

This is very useful for start-up enterprises. Being able to understand the information of the whole market is more helpful for our judgment.

This information is not easy to obtain, because if you can obtain it at will, can you cultivate your opponents? The crawler's access to information itself will have a certain impact on the website server. For its own interests, enterprises are bound to protect their data information. For example, the website sets up various anti crawler programs to disguise the data information and take various ways to prevent you from obtaining effective data information.

3. The site will set up an IP detection line to detect the user's IP, which can adjust the user's access frequency and reduce the impact on the server.

Reduce the access frequency. In this way, even if the crawler uses the proxy to achieve a breakthrough, it can increase the crawler cost and reduce the crawler efficiency. The data information is timely. The longer the effect is, the lower the crawler efficiency is. The longer the crawler information is, the more beneficial it is to the enterprise.

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