how to use curl with proxy server?


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What Is cURL?

But first, what exactly is cURL? The name stands for client URL, but that might not tell you much. So, let’s try again.

cURL is a text-based tool that runs in the terminal and allows transferring data over the internet. It’s over 20 years old, supports most internet protocols, and runs out of the box in all modern operating systems.

If you have time, you can read this great e-book to learn all about cURL. This article focuses on delivering practical knowledge that you can apply right away.

What Is cURL Used for?

cURL is often used with APIs: to get acquainted them, play around with endpoints, or do straight up serious work. In the proxy industry, cURL has become a popular tool for testing backconnect proxy servers (so, anything that involves the terms rotating, residential, or mobile).

Why cURL?

For one, cURL is long standing, widely available, and uses a simple text interface that works the same on every system. That aside, cURL is also pretty powerful. The tool can be used to write elaborate scripts that involve authentication, SSL connections, proxy tunnelling, cookies, and more. If that’s unnecessary, the basic syntax is easy to grasp, so you can quickly start doing useful work with it.

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