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You put a lot of effort into choosing the perfect images for your site. But are your carefully staged and selected photos and graphics getting the search engine attention they deserve?

As compelling as your site images may be to your visitors, search engines must be told what each image depicts. This helps them contextualize the image within the rest of your site’s content. In this post, we’ll show you how search engines “see” your site and teach you how to maximize the benefits of every image you include.

Be the Spider: The Basics of Search Engine Crawling

Before we begin, let’s briefly discuss how search engines work. Search engines use spiders, or web crawlers, to crawl through the links in your sitemap and visit the individual pages on your site. Then they follow links on those pages to discover other pages, much like you would do when you’re browsing a website.

Along the way, the crawlers gather information about your website, primarily its content (including keywords and metadata) while also noting factors like page freshness, popularity, load time, and usability. Search engines use these factors to determine where each page falls in their index and how it should rank.

Accordingly, two of the most basic factors in search engine ranking are 

1) whether the spider can successfully crawl your site in the first place, and

2) your website’s content, which the search engine will use to match your site with relevant search queries.

So how do spiders read your images? They don’t. Although spiders are essentially the eyes of the search engine, they can only see and read text; they’re unable to decipher images or glean any information from them.

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