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Ana Quil


Having figured out the sources where your potential clients are located, you’ll need to extract the data for your business to be able to use it.

There are a few ways you can extract personal data:

Buying a lead generation tool like business leads scraper from reliable providers.

Using readily available scraping tools. 

Writing the code yourself and implementing proxies.

As we already mentioned at the beginning of the article, buying a lead scraper can be costly, and building your infrastructure of data retrieval if you have the right people resources can be a lot cheaper and easier. If you need to achieve your business goals and you can’t imagine doing this job without required data, it’s worth it to invest in a lead scraper or to spare some time and build your own business lead scraper.

Data extraction simplifies the whole process as well. Usually, when gathering data, it comes unstructured and requires further processing. According to Forrester, data analysts spend up to 80% of their time collecting and preparing data for analysis. However, when building your infrastructure, you’ll be able to remove incomplete, duplicate, or incorrect data points. 

I recommend checking these providers:

Roxlabs provides business intelligence data, advanced agents and enterprise level support. Their team has decades of personal experience in the network data collection and extraction industry, so they know what is most effective. Roxlabs claims that they have residential agents from any country and city in the world. You can find interactive maps on their website and see how many IPS they have in each country. Roxlabs provides residential and data center agents for its customers. You can view the service pricing of residential agents and data center agents.

Here are some of the benefits of using roxlabs services:

  • Residential and private http / HTTPS agents;

  • 30 + million residential agents and 1.5 + million private agents;

  • 7-day free trial without credit card;

Roxlabs agent is most suitable for SEO, network crawling, data mining and geolocation crawling.

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