How to Choose Between Residential Sneaker Proxies and Datacenter Sneaker Proxies?


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As someone who frequently uses proxies, you are probably wondering whether you should use residential proxies for sneaker add to cart (ATC) or datacenter proxies. There’s an easy way to look at it, and a complicated one.

Residential proxies are simply IP addresses issued from a standard Internet Service Provider, typically cable or DSL that is wired right into your home. Datacenter proxies are IP addresses issued by a secondary corporation not in your home.

With residential proxies, each time you connect to the internet, the web server will be able to identify your location, a map thereof and the name of your ISP provider. Datacenter IP addresses are not associated with an ISP and are unable to get you internet access. Basically, they work like a proxy because they modify or hide the IP address the server sees.

There are many different reasons why someone might want to use residential proxies, but by far the most common is for anonymity. If you use Verizon, for example, as your ISP, anyone in the world can look at your IP address and get a pretty good guess of where you live, the specific address of your computer and which ISP you subscribe to.

Suppose you want to use proxies to add sneakers to a cart on a site such as Nike or Adidas. If you tried to use datacenter proxies, the website would be able to instantly recognize that an atypical access is being attempted from a source that is not residential. This is an immediate red flag and could get you blocked instantly. If you use a residential proxy, however, the server will perceive you access to be legitimate.

It all boils down to the fact the residential IP proxies are overall safer than datacenter proxies. Residential proxies can be seen as a go to for those concerned about staying anonymous, undetected, and want to ensure a safe checkout on online shops like Nike, Adidas or Supreme. If it turns out that you really must use a datacenter proxy, try to make sure that the company you use is trustworthy and they offer a diverse range of c-class IPs to help avoid detection.

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