How to choose socks vs http proxy?


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SOCKS5 vs HTTP proxy

Unlike HTTP proxies, which can only interpret and work with HTTP and HTTPS webpages, SOCKS5 proxies can work with any traffic.

HTTP proxies are high-level proxies usually designed for a specific protocol. While this means you get better connection speeds, they’re not nearly as flexible and secure as SOCKS proxies. SOCKS proxies are low-level proxies that can handle any program or protocol and any traffic without limitations.

SOCKS vs HTTP proxies: the main differences

The final decision on which proxy type you should choose depends mostly on your goals and needs. Equipped with the knowledge of both proxy types, we can now highlight their main differences. 


Ensuring privacy and security play an important role in the whole purpose of using a proxy. Both HTTP and SOCKS proxies act as mediators between a client and a server in order to secure your online activities and make them harder to be traced.

HTTP proxies are widely used for email protection and cybersecurity projects due to their ability to understand data packets and filter them according to specific needs. This also can be useful for web scraping and data mining activities. 


Although HTTP proxies can only handle HTTP(S) traffic, their configurations can be set according to numerous use cases. Since HTTP proxies can interpret network traffic between a client and a web server, they can spot repeated requests or cache responses. 

As for SOCKS proxies, they are not liable to specific network protocols, thus can be more flexible to employ. As they are unable to understand network traffic, they are perfect for accessing connections behind the firewall.


As with any other proxy type, we generally advise on choosing private proxies if speed measures are of great importance to you.

Due to their ability to filter data or cache web pages, HTTP proxies can fuel your scraping operations, as well as enhance load speeds and performance. As a result, these proxies allow you to manage more requests per second.

On the other hand, SOCKS proxies are widely appreciated for their speed as they are easier to apply: this makes them a right fit for downloading, transferring, and uploading web data online. 

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