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Best Places to Buy German Proxies

The fact that you are looking for proxies with German IP addresses means that you know that the Internet is not as free as it used to be. Unlike in the past, websites on the Internet are becoming more localized, and the content Internet users from Germany have access to may be different from what you will see from your own location. This then means that if you need to access web content as accessible to the German audience, then you will have to make use of German IP addresses if you are not in Germany at the moment.

With the use of either a proxy server or a VPN server, you can get access to German IP addresses you can use. However, our focus in this article is on proxies as they are more suitable Internet marketing tasks that require many IP addresses as VPN do not provide you such. I am going to be recommending proxy providers you can get Germany IP addresses from. The list will be categorized into free proxies, residential proxy networks, and private proxy providers. Before that, let take a look at what German IPs actually do.

Why Use German Proxies?

German proxies can be any type of proxies – they are actually regular proxies. What makes them unique is the fact that the IP addresses attached to them are IP addresses from Germany. What IP addresses from Germany do for those not in Germany is location spoofing. They help them hide their real location by replacing it with a location in Germany. Just in case you do not know, websites you send web requests to can tell your location – thanks to your IP address. If you can hide your IP address and use one from a different location, then you have successfully spoof your location to that location.

As stated earlier, websites on the Internet are becoming more localized, and in the quest for that, you can get misled into using the wrong data for research. When collecting data from websites that either create ‘geo-fence’ in the form of restriction around its content or geo-target content according to one’s location, then if you need to access content as a German audience, then you will need to use German IPs. German proxies are helpful for web scraping, website localization testing, streaming Germany exclusive entertainment web services, ads verification, and many more. If you are not in need of accessing the Internet as someone surfing from Germany, then there is no need to use German proxies.

Best German Proxies in the Market

I recommend checking these providers:

Roxlabs provides business intelligence data, advanced agents and enterprise level support. Their team has decades of personal experience in the network data collection and extraction industry, so they know what is most effective. Roxlabs claims that they have residential agents from any country and city in the world. You can find interactive maps on their website and see how many IPS they have in each country. Roxlabs provides residential and data center agents for its customers. You can view the service pricing of residential agents and data center agents.

Here are some of the benefits of using roxlabs services:

  • Residential and private http / HTTPS agents;

  • 30 + million residential agents and 1.5 + million private agents;

  • 7-day free trial without credit card;

Roxlabs agent is most suitable for SEO, network crawling, data mining and geolocation crawling.

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