Why use proxies when collecting data?


James Hunt


At present, information is usually captured by crawler program, which is time-consuming and can improve the efficiency of work. If a crawler wants to work efficiently, it must use an proxy. Why?

Effect of crawler collecting information with proxy

For example, if a crawler is used to collect the information of a certain store, if an IP is collected one by one every second, it may not be used for a long time. If the IP is frozen, it also means that the work cannot be continued. What about the rest of the work? Using proxy IP, crawlers can switch IP after collecting a certain number and before IP is frozen, which does not affect the collection work, so that IP can be recycled. Therefore, using proxy IP can not only improve work efficiency, but also save IP resources. This is why proxy IP is used to collect information.

Using the crawler proxy, you can do the following

1. Build the server

The effect is the most stable, the timeliness and region are completely controllable, and the products can be deeply matched according to their own requirements. However, crawler enthusiasts need to have the ability to maintain the proxy server, and need to spend a lot of maintenance time. Relatively speaking, the input is not proportional to the output, and the cost input is very high.

2. Charging proxy

It requires a certain cost. The cost is not as expensive as building your own server. It is much cheaper, and you don't have to maintain the proxy server yourself; IP is relatively stable, fast and efficient, which is very suitable for enterprise users. There are too many proxy IP providers now. You should carefully choose the proxy. If you don't know which one to choose, roxlabs is recommended here to provide a free trial.

3. Free proxy IP

Free, no money. IP is unstable, slow, often dropped, and the IP pass rate is not high. Most of them are unavailable IP. In short, you need a lot of time to try one by one. It seems free, but it is actually expensive because it needs to waste a lot of time, cost and efficiency. It is not suitable for enterprise users with a large amount of data.

It can be seen from the above that why proxies are used to collect information. If you need to try high-quality residential proxies, you can get roxlabs free proxies for testing and 7 * 24-hour online services to solve your questions at any time.

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