What is the principle of proxy server?


Ana Quil


We may help our family with some chores! For example, for example, payment or application for an ATM card, because you are not the applicant, but the proxy,

So sometimes you need to show some documents

The proxy server is the same as the real world above. When the client has Internet data requirements, the proxy will help the user go to the destination to obtain the data required by the user.

Therefore, after the client specifies the WWW Proxy server, all www related requirements of users will be captured through the proxy server.

The proxy server will be set up on the single point external firewall of the whole area network, and the computers inside the area network request data from the Internet through the proxy, which is the so-called "proxy server"!

Of course, the above architecture is only a case, but the reason why this architecture is used by many people is that such a proxy server can also be used as a high-level firewall.

In fact, the data requested by the client to the outside is obtained by the proxy for the user. Therefore, the person who requests the data on the Internet will be the IP of the proxy server rather than the IP of the client

Because the proxy server is directly connected to the external network, it is equivalent to being cannon fodder. The external network can only find the proxy server and hide the machines in the internal network, so as to act as a firewall.

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