Purpose and advantages of setting up proxy server?


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The functions of proxy server mainly include:

As a web data acquisition agent of WWW: This is the most important function.

Single point external firewall system as internal area network:

If your proxy is placed on the gateway of the intranet, the proxy server can be used as the firewall of the internal computer

Due to this characteristic of proxy, it is often used in large enterprises, because it can not only prevent internal personnel from using network services other than www at work, but also monitor the flow direction and flow of users' data requirements.

Main advantages:

Save single point external network bandwidth and reduce network load:

When you have many proxy users, the cache data inside the proxy will accumulate more. Therefore, when the client wants to obtain the data on the network, many will get it from the proxy cache without asking for information from the Internet. So you can save bandwidth!

Obtain network data in a short path, which makes the network feel accelerated:

For example, you can specify the proxy server provided by your ISP to connect to a foreign country. Because the proxy provided by your ISP usually has a large external bandwidth, the data acquisition of foreign websites is usually much faster than your own host connecting to a foreign country. In addition, it is also related to the cache data at the previous point! The path from the internal hard disk is always much shorter than the external Internet!

With the help of the upper proxy server, the effect of automatic data diversion is achieved:

For example, as shown in figure 17.1-4, let the client unknowingly get the acceleration effect of data obtained by different proxies!

Provide computers inside the firewall to connect to the Internet: the single point external firewall function mentioned above

If you need to connect to foreign web pages, please be sure to use the proxy server provided by your ISP to help, because it can not only save bandwidth, but also speed up a lot (such as the website of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and EPA).

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