Where find a proxifier http proxy?


Ana Quil


Set up proxies with Proxifier:

1. Open Proxifier.

2. Click on Proxies > Add, then enter the details as per screenshot below (Address and Port should be adjusted due to preferred proxy geo-location and proxy type). The authentication isn’t necessary if you have your IP Whitelisted.

Keep in mind that Smartproxy doesn't support the SOCKS5 connection protocol.

3.You'll get a pop-up asking if you want this proxy to be a default for all applications. Select No if you want to set up a proxy for specific applications only.

4.To enable HTTP server connection, click on Advanced > HTTP Proxy and put a tick on Enable HTTP proxy servers support.

5.Next, if you want to set up only specific applications, go to Rules > Add and enter details as per example below.

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