How do I set up multiple proxies?


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In fact, there are many ways to configure the proxy service. You can set it on the computer or use a third-party plug-in. Here are some common methods to set the proxy server:

Windows 8 or windows 10 on a Windows PC:

The following is how to set up a proxy server on Windows 8 or windows 10 on a Windows PC:

1. On your Windows computer, start settings (Start > settings).

2. Click Network and Internet Options.

3. Click proxy settings.

4. Input the IP and port number obtained from roxlabs and fill them in accordingly.

Note: if you do not fill in the account password option, you can use the white list verification method.

After the change, all networks of the computer will use the proxy by default, and will continue to use it by default the next time you use the Internet. If you want to turn off the proxy settings in the network and Internet, you can turn it off.


Proxifier is a proxy client tool that allows network applications that do not support working through a proxy server to operate through socks or HTTPS proxies and chains. You can use proxifier to set all computer proxies, or set a web page proxy. It is a more flexible proxy setting program.

What about using roxlabs proxy on proxifier?

1. Log in to the proxy, click profile, and then click proxy servers

2. Fill in the proxy port number and account password obtained from roxlabs

If the white list authentication is set, you only need to fill in the address and port number

3. Click Save to use.

Roxlabs supports the use of rotation proxies. Each request will replace the IP. It also supports sticky proxies. After the IP expires, it will be replaced automatically. If you want to configure multiple IP and port numbers, you can replace them through the above methods.

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