How do I test my proxy speed?


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In fact, there are many factors that determine the network speed, such as server bandwidth, network cable quality, computer configuration and so on. When we surf the Internet, we all hope that the Internet speed can be as fast as the wind, so as to have a better experience. As for how to detect the speed of an agent, you can test the speed of an agent in the following ways:

FOGLDN Proxy Tester is a popular free tool for checking if proxy IPs work with specific websites.  Because it also shows how long it took to connect, FOGLDN is often used to test sneaker proxies where speed is very important.  The tool works both with Windows and Mac computers.

Testing Service Speed

1.Test the Proxy speeds. Enable your proxy. Go to http://speedtest.net. Click Begin Test. 

2.Test your connection with the same Speedtest.net server using the map. Be sure the proxy connection is disabled. You can check your IP here http://getfoxyproxy.org/geoip/ to be sure.

If the IP needs to be an e-commerce platform or social media, consider selecting roxlabs dedicated computer room IP. Fast IP, easy to set, unlimited traffic.

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