What are the main functions of proxy server?


James Hunt


Generally speaking, the role of proxy server for ordinary Internet users is as follows (apart from some advanced uses)

Talk, because it may not be used):

1. Connect the Internet to the intranet and act as a firewall: because all intranet users

When accessing the outside world through the proxy server, only one IP address is mapped, so the outside world cannot directly access the Intranet;

At the same time, IP address filtering can be set to limit the access authority of the intranet to the outside; In addition, two non interconnected internal

The Ministry network can also exchange information through the interconnection of a third-party proxy server.

2. Save IP overhead: as mentioned earlier, all users only occupy one IP, so there is no need to rent too much

IP address to reduce network maintenance cost. In this way, there are no many machines connected to the external network in the local office

Connect to the external network through a proxy server in the internal network, which greatly reduces the cost. Of course, it also has its disadvantages, such as

In this way, many network hackers hide their real IP address and escape surveillance.

3. Through it, we can speed up the speed of browsing some websites: sometimes we visit some foreign or Hong Kong and Taiwan websites

Station, the speed is as slow as a snail, but as long as you correctly select the proxy server, the speed can be improved

At this time, the increase of these speeds is very obvious! It has a small bandwidth and communicates with the target host through a proxy with a large bandwidth

Machine connection. Moreover, the proxy server usually sets a large hard disk buffer (up to several GB or more),

When external information passes through, it is also saved in the buffer. When other users access the same information again,

The information is directly extracted from the buffer and transmitted to the user, so as to improve the access speed.

4. Through it, we can visit some websites that we can't go to at ordinary times.

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