How to solve the problem that the proxy server does not respond?


Sandra Pique


Due to the general expansion of demand, the proxy server is something that ordinary people will use. However, when using it, due to various reasons, there may be a problem, that is, the common server does not respond, which directly paralyzes the proxy function. However, this is not a difficult problem. At least there are two methods to deal with it at present.

1、 Modify browser proxy settings

Although in specific cases, when using proxy servers, most of them still use IE browser, but there are exceptions, they have the same goal, and the methods to deal with unresponsive problems are the same.

1: LAN settings

To solve the problem of no response from the server through the browser is to start with the LAN setting. Generally, you can find the corresponding columns through the Internet Options. If you use the win10 system, you can also find the columns recommended by Xiaobing by typing the word "Lan" directly at Xiaobing.

2: Set content

Finding the setting column is only the first step, and then you need to modify the settings. There is an proxy setting in the column, which is mainly introduced by "using a proxy server for LAN". There is a box in front of the text. If there is a check, it will be cancelled.

2、 Modify system proxy settings

At present, the reason for the proxy server's unresponsive problem is mostly due to the setting problem. In addition to modifying the browser settings, there are actually registry modification methods - this method is too cumbersome, so it can also be modified from the system, but it is only applicable to win10 system.

1: proxy column in network and Internet

Similarly, Xiaobing can open a new page by typing "network and Internet". The last item in the page is the proxy, in which the settings can be modified.

2: Modify object

The modification of the system proxy is relatively simple, because there is a script setting in the column - if it is lit, click Cancel to avoid the problem of no response from the proxy server.

In addition, both methods need to restart the computer.

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