Why do I need a private proxy?


Ana Quil


A private proxy is one that is exclusively assigned to one user at a time.

It can also be referred to as a dedicated proxy, since no one else can use them other than the user.

Private proxies offer you a greater chance to stay anonymous while browsing the web or working online. Of course, it is still highly possible to be tracked down, but in general proxy services are used to prevent yourself from being hacked, detected and to avoid geo-restrictions.

Public proxies as the name suggests relies on more of the public usage. It is a free proxy so for instance, if you want to access any information, you just need to conduct this action with the help of a public proxy.

But what happens here is since it is free, there will be multiple users which means there is no privacy with reference to your actions. Also, since there are multiple users making use of the public proxies at the same time, there are chances of the internet speed even lowering down.If you are someone who highly depends on the online platform, using public proxies is not the ideal fit for you.When it comes to privacy and conducting consistent activities online, always invest your time and money on a private proxy.

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