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What Is FoxyProxy?

FoxyProxy is a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, and all the Chrome-based browsers like Vivaldi, Edge, and Opera. Its purpose is to simplify work with proxy servers on a web browser. FoxyProxy allows creating multiple proxy server profiles, switching between them with one click, and setting up different proxies to work with specific URLs.

The extension itself is free, but it doesn’t come with proxies out of the box. You’ll have to buy access to a proxy server separately: either from FoxyProxy itself or one of the commercial proxy service providers.

How to Use FoxyProxy on Chrome

Step 1. Download and install the extension from Chrome’s Web Store.

If you need to work with proxies on specific websites only, get the Standard version. If you don’t care about that, it makes little difference whichever version you choose.

Step 2. Click on the fox icon and select Options.

Step 3. Select Add New Proxy.

Step 4. In the General tab, enter your proxy profile’s name. It can be any name you like to distinguish this configuration from others.

You can also add notes and assign this profile a color.

Step 5. In the Proxy Details tab, select Manual Proxy Configuration and enter your proxy server’s information.

The Automatic proxy configuration URL comes in handy if you’re on a managed school or work network. It configures the proxy server without you having to do anything. Most commercial proxy providers won’t give you one.

First, fill in the Host or IP Address field. You’ll have a hostname if you use backconnect proxies (these are usually residential or rotating IPs). Otherwise, you can enter a proxy IP address.

Example of an IP:

Example of a hostname: en.proxyprovider.net

Port asks you to enter the numbers that come after the IP or hostname. 

They are separated by a colon:

Example of a port: en.proxyprovider.net:10000

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More on: Roxlabs proxy 

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