Is it safe and/or secure to use a proxy service?


Sandra Pique


Yes, It’s safe to use proxies but it depends from who you buy those proxies. Stay away from free proxies .Proxies have multiple uses, like facilitating remote work, establishing a support system for users who are placed outside a particular network, guarding networks and Internet users against wicked content, running online content from abroad, etc.

On the other hand premium proxies add an important layer of protection to your computer. They can be configured as network filters or firewalls to protect your computer from online threats such as malware. In addition, this increased security is beneficial when used in conjunction with a secure web gateway or other email security products.

So if you need an proxy, you'd better use a paid proxy. If you are looking for an proxy that is cheap and easy to use, it is recommended to try Roxlabs at a price as low as $3 / GB, and provide a free trial. You have an proxy with higher security, including 90 million IP addresses in 220 countries around the world.

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