What happens if my IP gets blocked because of web scraping?


Sandra Pique


That depends on the website that blocked you. If your IP gets blocked because of web scraping but isn’t permanently banned then you will be able to go that site again.

If you are indeed banned then you will just need to use a different, residential IP via a proxy network to access that site again, which is what you should have done in the first place for web scraping.

The following are the reasons why proxies are used:

1.Using a proxy allows you to scrape a website much more reliably. It also significantly reduces the chances that your spider will get banned or blocked.

2.Using a proxy enables you to make your request from a specific geographical region or device (mobile IPs for example) which enable you to see the specific content that the website displays for that given location or device. This is extremely valuable when scraping product data from online retailers.

3.Using a proxy pool allows you to make a higher volume of requests to a target website without being banned.

4.Using a proxy allows you to get around blanket IP bans some websites impose.

5.Using proxies enables you to make unlimited concurrent sessions on the same or different websites.

If you need multiple different proxy IP, we recommend using RoxLabs proxy, including global Residential proxies, with complimentary 500MB experience package for a limited time.

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