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Why rotate proxies?

First and foremost, proxy rotation enhances the level of anonymity. Secondly, as already mentioned, it is a widely used practice to automate such tasks as data scraping and web crawling in order to increase success rates.

When it comes to web scraping operations, a common challenge faced by many is avoiding getting blocked by websites while trying to gather the data.

Several techniques can aid the prevention of blocks, and one of them is proxy rotation. It can help to operate scrapers past most of the anti-scraping measures as it allows to imitate the behavior of multiple organic users. Hence, strengthening the chance of being undetected while gathering vast amounts of data.

There are countless cases out there when proxy rotation is being used. Here are some examples:

SEO firms use proxies that automatically rotate to check keyword rankings from various locations or to promote specific content on social media accounts. I.e. with Brazil proxy or Germany proxy you can check keyword rankings in that country.

Data intelligence companies rotate proxies automatically to scrape websites for analytics and performance purposes. 

Methods used to rotate IP addresses

Internet Service Providers rotate IP addresses using a number of different methods:

Pre-configured IP rotation. This refers to a technique where the rotation is pre-configured to occur at specified intervals. Once the time specified elapses, the user is assigned a new IP address.

Specific IP rotation. The user can choose which IP address to use for an outgoing connection.

Random IP rotation. This method assigns a randomly rotating address to each new outgoing connection. The user has no control over which address gets assigned. 

Burst IP rotation. The ISP assigns new IP addresses after a specified number of connections. For example, if the specified number is 10, a new IP address will be given to the eleventh connection after every 10 connections are initiated.

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