Which proxy is the best for Amazon scrape?


Sandra Pique


For sellers, capturing Amazon is very valuable. Amazon has a lot of information to analyze. First of all, you must have a good understanding of how much information the network carries and how many sites you need to grab in order to find all the information you need. Amazon data capture can solve the problem of time-consuming e-commerce data extraction process.

Out of all proxy types, residential proxies would be the optimal choice. To scrape Amazon, you would need to send a lot of requests to Amazon servers; this activity may be deemed “suspicious” by the platform and your IP address(es) will be blocked. When using residential proxies, however, you will appear as a genuine user (from any country you want).

You can obtain the residential proxy through Roxlabs. Roxlabs residential proxy supports proxy rotation, which allows the proxy server to detect that the IP address has been blocked and automatically assign a new address.

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