Does Amazon block web scraping?


James Hunt


Of course, Amazon will prevent data fetching,Since Amazon prevents web crawling on its pages, it can quickly find out whether the activity is being implemented using a crawling robot or through a browser with a manual representative. Many of these trends can be identified by carefully tracking the behavior of the grasping robot. which is usually prohibited through the following aspects:

1. If your IP address is found by the algorithm of the website and you are from a country that is not allowed to view the page, your IP address will be blocked.

This can be modified by using international proxy networks, such as roxlabs, which have a large residential IP pool to choose from.

2. If an IP address sends too many requests at one time, Amazon may restrict your crawling.

Each website has its own set of rules. If you exceed these rules, you will be labeled as a robot and banned. By using a rotating residential proxy or an automated data collection solution built on a proxyinfrastructure, you can control the number of requests made by the crawler per minute and IP.

The Roxlabs proxy plays an important role in crawling. It provides an alternative IP address and places a layer on your real IP address so that you can avoid blocking.

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