What is the best residential proxy with the cheapest price?


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What Is The Residential Proxy IP?

The residential proxy is an intermediate server that uses the residential IP provided by the ISP to someone’s device to browse the website. Because it uses the real IP address provided by the ISP, it is trusted.

The IP address used may come from a personal computer, router, or any form of Internet-enabled device.

For example, IoT devices, edge computing devices.

How Does The Rotating Residential Proxy IP Work?

The residential proxy provider has a pool of IP addresses. When you make a website request to a website through a residential proxy server, they will choose any available IP address (random) in the pool and then route the request to the website through them.

For rotating residential proxy IP, they will change the session of the IP address used for connection according to the website request or the specified time.

When the IP is rotated by session or request, each website request you send will be routed through a different IP address.

This method is especially tried for website crawling. During the crawling process, you send a large number of requests every minute. With this kind of rotation, the website cannot track you.

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