How long can you stay anonymous with a paid IP proxy?


James Hunt


With the manifestation of World Wide Web, the world of computers have undergone a change. One of the major change which is followed till date was the introduction of the concept of proxies and the proxy servers to mankind.

The proxy servers work as a middleman, it takes the request from the client server, processes it and checks whether the requested URL is stored in its cache memory or not.

Earlier, people or organisation used free proxies. They didn’t have to pay any sum for the proxies and moreover, the free proxies were easy to handle.

Eventually this paved the way for premium proxies or paid proxies. Nowadays lot of people or organisations are getting inclined to such proxies. They are developed by trusted providers and hence much more consistent than the free proxy services. Let us have a look at some important reasons as to why you should prefer the premium proxies and not the free ones.

Speed : The individuality of the IP address maintains your speed since you will not be sharing your proxy server with anyone else.

  • Maintains your Anonymity : The premium proxy provides you with a guarantee of keeping your IP address hidden and hence allows you to have access to geo-restricted websites from places like educational institutions or even from offices.

  • Does Not Crash Easily : Unlike the free proxy servers, these premium servers do not crash or shut down.

  • Provides Security against Malwares : As they are properly designed by experts, they are made to protect your machine as well as your OS against any malware.

  • Reliability : Unlike the free proxy servers, these are much more reliable and efficient in its function.

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