How can I find the location of the proxy server I'm using?


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Proxy servers essentially act as bridges between a user and the internet. Instead of you having to connect directly to a website or another user, you instead connect to a proxy server and the proxy will communicate with the website on your behalf.

When using a proxy server, your browser will first connect to say proxy, and the proxy will forward your traffic to the website you are trying to access. This explains why a proxy server is also sometimes known as a forward proxy.

In addition to this, proxy servers will also receive traffic from the website and forward it back to the user. In this way, the user and the website can be separate from each, with the proxy acting as the go-between.

Logically or etymologically, this makes complete sense, as a proxy in general language is someone or something acting on behalf of someone else. Wars have even been fought using proxies.

The specific proxy servers used worldwide vary depending on the use case, security requirements, compliance mandates or other specific requirements. Proxy servers anonymize their users by changing their IP address, so that if a hacker wants to get access to a specific device on a network, it will be far more difficult to locate.

Firewalls are security systems that protect a network from external threats. Firewalls are mostly configured to block unwanted access or to protect users from installing malware onto their systems.

Proxy servers are often deployed as hosts for these firewalls so that they can check out the legitimacy of traffic before it reaches the network. Many organizations use proxy servers as content filters to block outgoing traffic to certain undesirable or unsafe sites.

However, savvy users can outsmart these content filters using proxy severs of their own. Caching makes it easier and faster to access websites that you have visited before, by storing data from those sites. Proxies can cache websites for you to help reduce latency.

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