What is a 'residential proxy network'?


Ana Quil


Residential proxy is a more popular type of proxy, why so popular? And for good reason. Whether it's for account management, market research or buying limited-edition sneakers -- data center IP addresses may not be enough. Most large sites easily identify this content and often deny access to gather information. This is where residential IP comes in.

In contrast to other proxy, the residential agent routes through a real home and ISP, so it masks not only the IP address, but also you, making you look like a regular network user.

Looking ahead, residential proxy that are "brought to market" before mobile proxy are similar. They are proxyies that use devices connected to a regular broadband connection, such as a home (residence). In order to forward your request, the residential agent may use a laptop and PC connected through the residential Internet service provider or a mobile device connected to the home Wi-Fi.

Many proxy servers emerge at the moment, basically can provide IP proxy services, the difference lies in the price and effectiveness,RoxLabs not only provides millions of high-quality and stable residential IP resources every day, but also pays more attention to the protection of user privacy and user information security.

If the IP needs to be an e-commerce platform or social media, consider selecting roxlabs dedicated computer room IP. Fast IP, easy to set, unlimited traffic.

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