Where can I find residential proxies?


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Residential proxy refers to the real residential IP address assigned to individual users by ISP (Internet service provider) or ADSL (ADSL service provider), which is composed of 100% actual users of WiFi network. Home IP is a real user IP device, which is completely consistent with the IP device used by general network users.

Characteristics of residential IP: residential IP has the characteristics of incoherence, decentralized distribution and consistent distribution with ordinary Internet users. Compared with computer room and other IP, residential IP has high success rate and low closure probability, but it has certain advantages in crawler, supplementary services, website optimization ranking and other services that need short-term dynamic IP, so as to maintain the stability of residential IP.

How to get a residential proxy?

Roxlabs is the fastest residential proxy provider, providing more than 90 million residential IP resources around the world, and is constantly committed to expanding the current proxy pool to meet the needs of each customer. Roxlabs supports enterprises, individual users and developers to use proxies in different use cases, and provides free trials. Including but not limited to the following use cases: Web data capture, SEO, price monitoring, advertising verification, brand protection, market research, social media management, e-mail protection, travel expense aggregation, sneaker rush purchase.

If the IP needs to be an e-commerce platform or social media, consider selecting roxlabs dedicated computer room IP. Fast IP, easy to set, unlimited traffic.

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