What is a proxy server, and are they good for security?


James Hunt


Proxy mainly acts as an intermediary between users and the Internet. When a user uses a proxy server, The request first passes through the proxy server (it will change your IP address) before connecting to the website. According to the source, it can be divided into residential proxy and data center proxy; according to the access type, it can be divided into shared proxy and exclusive proxy ; according to the protocol, the most common categories are HTTP proxy, HTTPS proxy and socks proxy . Of course, it can also be classified by anonymity. What is the role of proxy server ? Is the proxy server secure?

Role of proxy server

1. For ordinary Internet users, if they need to browse the Internet more safely, they can use a proxy server and solve geographical restrictions.

2. For enterprises, it can be used to capture data, so as to conduct market research more efficiently.

Proxy server security

Most people use proxies to hide their IP addresses and protect personal information security. In fact, there are two kinds of proxies: free and paid. Paid proxies have higher security. For example, the proxy service provided by Roxlabs has high anonymity, better protects personal real IP from being exposed, and provides free trials.

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