What are shared proxies, and where are they used?


James Hunt


A shared proxy is a proxy that many people often use on the same server. These proxies run simultaneously – more like multiple people on the same IP address. Due to server sharing, you will have to handle slow connections. In this case, you must wait patiently when using the shared agent. It may take you a minute or more to load the page.

Advantages of using shared proxies

It's cheap (even free) and easy to get.

It is very suitable for learning web page data scraping for learning

Disadvantages of shared proxies

The network is slow. There are multiple users on a proxy server. Your connection speed will be very slow, and may even last for several hours.

The network is not completely private because several users share it.

You may lose your IP address and data to hackers.

Used for network crawling, it is easy to be shielded by the target

If it is used for simple learning operations, you can find a shared server. However, if it is used for commercial purposes or to capture a large amount of data for research, it is recommended to use a special proxy, such as the professional proxy provided by Roxlabs, which has fast speed and high anonymity and will not be found. It can be used in various scenarios with higher security.

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