What is a proxy and reverse proxy server in web development?


James Hunt


When you connect to the internet, your computer’s server talks to the website’s server, proves you’re trustworthy, and gains access to the site. This usually takes place in a few seconds or less.

For those who don’t like the internet tracking every move they make, a web proxy acts as a shield that guards their identity. Rather than connect directly to a site, you connect to an online proxy, which then connects to your destination on the web. The web proxy acts as the middleman between your computer and your destination, obscuring your true IP address so you can’t be remembered or tracked.

The reverse proxy server is located between the user and the target server, but for the user, the reverse proxy server is equivalent to the target server, that is, the user can obtain the resources of the target server by directly accessing the reverse proxy server. At the same time, users do not need to know the address of the target server, nor do they need to make any settings on the client. Reverse proxy server can usually be used as web acceleration, that is, using reverse proxy as the front-end machine of web server to reduce the load of network and server and improve access efficiency.

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