What is reverse proxy and why we configure it?


Ana Quil


In the computer world, Because there is a limit to the ability of a single server to process client (user) requests, when user access requests swarm in, the server will be busy. Multiple servers can be used to share thousands of user requests. These servers provide the same services, and there is no difference for users.

Implementation of reverse proxy

1. A load balancing device is required to distribute user requests to idle servers

2. The server returns its own service to the load balancing device

3. Load balancing returns the service of the server to the user

The direct communication between the user and the load balancing device also means that when the user resolves the server domain name, the resolved IP is actually the load balancing IP, not the server IP. One advantage is that when a server is newly added / removed, it only needs to modify the load balancing server list without affecting the existing services.

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