What is a Socks5 proxy?


Ana Quil


Socks5 proxy looks very complex. In fact, it is only one of the IP proxy protocols. At the same time, it is the most important and popular one. The real anonymous proxy can only be realized by the proxy IP of Socks5 protocol. Without it, all high hidden proxy IP will fail.

What is a Socks5 proxy?

Socks5 is a proxy protocol, which plays an intermediary role between the front-end machine and the server communicating using TCP / IP protocol. The front-end machine of the internal network can access the server of the Internet to make the communication more secure.

By forwarding the request sent by the front end to the real target server, the Socks5 server simulates the behavior of the front end. The front end also communicates with Socks5 through TCP / IP protocol. The front end sends the request to the Socks5 server, and the Socks5 server forwards the request to the actual server. When the Socks5 server asks for truth, the Socks5 server will not change the request packet itself. After receiving the response from the real server, the Socks5 server also forwards it to the front end as it is.

What is the difference between socks proxy and HTTP proxy?

Since socks acts on the session layer, it is a scheme to provide security services from session layer to session layer, which is not affected by the changes of high-level applications.

Socks5 proxy is a proxy server using socks protocol. It is a general proxy server. The default port is 1080. Socks5 proxy works in the session layer and does not require the application to follow a specific operating system platform. The Socks5 proxy simply transmits data packets without worrying about application protocols (such as FTP, HTTP, NNTP requests).

What is the difference between socks proxy and HTTP proxy?

Socks works on the session layer, while HTTP works on the application layer. Socks proxy simply transmits data packets without caring about the application protocol (such as FTP, HTTP and NNTP requests). Therefore, socks proxy server is much faster than application layer proxy server.

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