Can a website still log my IP address etc. if I use a proxy?


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Perhaps you still doubt the effectiveness of proxies you may be asking yourself – Can IP address be traced when I’m using a Proxy server? Well, the answer is…. No!

Once you are connected to the internet using a reliable proxy server, the first thing it will do is to reroute your internet request, hide your IP, and then grant you anonymous access to the website you intend visiting at that moment.

This means that your IP address will remain masked or hidden such that the websites you visit will not be able to trace you to your current location.

However, some giant websites deny proxy servers access to their platform. Once they discover the visiting server is a substitute or proxy type, they will block it immediately, which could delay your browsing experience.

That said, there are numerous benefits of using proxy servers, including Speedy internet access, utmost simplicity, ability to bypass geo-blocked services and circumvent security restrictions or filters, to mention but a few.

The plain truth is that using a proxy server does not guarantee you of optimum anonymity, especially in this age where there is an increasingly widespread of cybercriminals hunting for data to steal online.

For instance, the proxy provider can easily manipulate your data because your real IP address would be revealed to them, which may further expose you to greater risks.

Not that alone, proxy servers also use a very weak encryption certificate which attackers can effortlessly maneuver and apply to their advantage.

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