Why should a company use proxy servers?


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Most of us are not aware of the purpose of a proxy server. Or what we know about proxy servers may be limited to the use of unblocking contents that are blocked in the country you are living in or to ensure a secured WiFi network in public places. Does that explain all about why proxy servers are for? If you are running any business that goes online, you probably need to learn how beneficial proxy servers for your enterprise. Why do major corporate houses connect to a proxy server? How important it is to install proxies in your business firm?

Even if you are not part of the technical department of your company, being a business leader you must know why it is essential to run proxies.

To put it simply, proxy servers are a computer system that acts as a link between a client computer and the internet. It helps filtering all the internet requests through a web form, essentially masking the users’ IP (Internet Protocol) address. By using proxy server, your client computers are connected with a private IP address and another server on the internet. In short, Proxy Servers can function as mediators between your company’s intranet and the internet.


The key functions of proxy servers are mainly classified as three, and that are:

  • Act as Firewall and Network Data filtering aid

  • Helps sharing network sharing

  • Caching web page data

If you are using internet only at home, then you don’t really need to set up proxy servers for safety reasons.

But, coming to business and other online activities, since internet is an unsafe environment, proxy servers act as guardian of your network. Serving as the intermediary mechanism, all incoming and outgoing web traffic flows through proxy servers installed with your network. It helps to choose what content should be allowed or blocked with your private network. The systems coupled with your intranet will be connected indirectly to other network services.


When use proxy server, your local area connected computers will be first connected to the proxy server, requesting some resources like web pages, games, videos, e-books, music, videos, and various other resources offered online. The configured proxies at your corporate network will be used to divert every incoming and outgoing data requests to verify whether it can serve the information demanded itself. If the resources had been cached before, the proxy servers will offer the data to the connected computer. Otherwise, proxy servers request on behalf of your private network to the relevant servers.

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