What are the common use cases for residential proxies?


Sandra Pique


Avoid geographical restrictions

Many websites restrict access to certain geographic areas. They detect the location by checking the IP address of each device trying to connect to their server.

Protect privacy and improve security

The Internet has become a dangerous place. People are looking for ways to use services privately without divulging any sensitive information. Your IP address is some of the most vulnerable information about you because it can determine your location and Internet service provider.

Automated online processes

Nowadays, automation and higher efficiency have become everyone's idea. With the rapid development of the Internet, some things cannot be done manually. For example, you cannot run a travel planning company without a script that automatically checks the service price of each flight.

Operating multimedia accounts

Marketing organizations, seo# companies and business consulting companies usually manage hundreds of accounts every day to maximize marketing benefits.

Web data scraping

Scraping web pages with a single IP will lead to IP blocking or blacklist. If you want to scrape data efficiently, you need to try the proxy server to replace the IP, which can effectively avoid being blocked by the target website.

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