Where does a residential proxy come from?


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residential proxy is an IP address that an ISP provides to a home. It is the real IP address attached to the physical location. So basically, when you move to a new location and set up your network, your ISP will give you an IP address. Every time you go online, your Internet service provider (ISP) or the above websites you visit may track your website visit history. Residential IP proxy allows you to use different proxy IP to access websites, so as to protect your personal information security.

Advantages of residential proxies:

1. Residential IP proxies can hardly be detected. Some sneaker websites have blocked most data center proxies on the Internet. The advantage of residential IP proxy is that it will not be detected even if you use the proxy.

2. Residential IP proxies are generally highly anonymous.

3. The residential IP proxy will hardly be blocked by the website, or the possibility of being blocked is very small.

Access to residential proxies:

Roxlabs provides professional residential proxy service and provides more than 90 million residential IP resources worldwide.

1. Enter Roxlabs website

2. Register and verify the account

3. Start the residential agency scheme

Can I try a residential proxy for free?

Yes, Roxlabs provides a free trial. You can contact customer service to get it.

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