Is a big proxy pool a big deal for a web scraper?


James Hunt


A larger proxy pool is completely beneficial for data scraping. But not absolutely. If you need to scrape a small amount of data, the size of the proxy pool may not be required. However, when you want to grab a large amount of data, it is particularly important to select a large proxy pool. A large proxy pool also determines the universality of regional distribution, so the possibility of grabbing will become greater, Because some websites show different contents for visits to different locations, a larger proxy pool is more likely to listen.

With the rapid development of the Internet, more and more users will be brought, and the data will continue to increase. It can be said that the era of big data has come. In order to improve work efficiency, it is a challenge to collect a large amount of big data. When selecting a large proxy pool, we should also consider the quality of the proxy. If an agent provider provides hundreds of millions of IP addresses, but only a few million IP addresses are available, the success rate of the agent will also decline. Therefore, it is recommended to test the agent first.

Roxlabs provides 90 million residential proxy IP, covering more than 200 countries. The IP availability rate is as high as 99%, and supports trial.

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