How do 'proxy lists' get their proxies?


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Interested in acquiring a list of proxies? Learn the different types and what you will need here

What is a proxy list?

A proxy list is a list of alternate IP addresses derived from proxy servers and can vary in type such as HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SOCKS5 and more. This article will discuss the different versions of proxy lists and the main uses for them.

What do you need a proxy list for?

Proxy lists are desired in the proxy world when needing to assign one proxy to each user or account or when you want to rotating proxies rotate proxies. They provide anonymity to bots, crawlers and different software types that assist in managing online operations. Many bots and tools have a specific field for uploading your proxy list as they are required in many cases to ensure uninterrupted operations online. Needing multiple IP addresses is common for a variety of tasks online including travel aggregation, brand protection, price comparison and more; all of which require a proxy list.

Let’s dive into the different types of proxy lists and what they are used for.

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