How to choose between residential IPs and datacenter IPs?


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Why should I care?

Repeatedly crawling a website using the same IP will get you blocked or cloaked. To prevent this, send requests through proxy networks, which replace your source IP with different IPs. You can either use a data-center, a network of servers that has its own IPs, or a residential network, a network of individuals’ IPs.

Advantages to web scraping withresidential IPs:

  • Residential IPs are real people’s IPs, so they’re almost impossible for a website to detect

  • Datacenter IPs generally have the same subnet block range, making them easily detectable, while residential IPs do not

  • Datacenter IPs can only be as specific as the data-center’s location, while residential IPs are available in almost any city around the world

How do I use data-center or residential IPs?

Roxlabs has data-center IPs in addition to 30 million residential IPs. Here’s how to get started:

  • Sign up for Roxlabs and get $5 of free bandwidth to test our data-center IPs

  • Send your first request through the data-center using your free $5

  • Ask for residential permissions to gain access to our residential IPs

Crawl data Are the target websites American e-commerce and other websites

Try the U.S. data center proxies: more than 40000 computer room IP, fast and stable.

More information:Roxlabs proxy

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