How can I test a residential proxy network?


James Hunt


With the increasingly extensive use of proxies, there are more and more proxy services in the market, and the proxy quality provided by various providers is often uneven. As a user, when selecting an proxy, you usually have to test it first. Do you know how to check the effect of the proxy?

1. The sample shall not be too small during inspection and evaluation.

Many tests are easy to draw conclusions and are often inaccurate. 500 moderate assessments and 500 proxies are usually selected for testing.

2. The calculation time and the speed of proxy IP are also very important. The time interval requested by the program must be calculated.

Python library tests are usually requests, so you only need to calculate the start request and response interval.

3. Limit timeout.

If it is limited to 60 seconds, the proxy is used to request Google and has not responded for 60 seconds, the proxy is deemed invalid.

In addition, the evaluation should follow the principle of "taking and testing on the spot", that is, "taking and testing on the spot". Suppose we extract 100 proxies at a time, but these 100 proxies do not participate in the test at the same time, then the latter proxies will experience a waiting period. Once these proxies pass through a period of time, it will affect the effectiveness of subsequent proxies.

To ensure the business success rate at the test destination, you also need to use proxy IP to access the target website in the test to understand the efficiency of IP.

If you want to try proxy IP, you can try Roxlabs. It supports free use. You can get it by contacting customer service. It supports HTTP / HTTPS / Socks5 proxy protocol and provides residential proxy services.

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